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Bridging the Gap Between Text & Audio

Our story

As a group of friends, we realized some of us learned through listening, whilst others prefer to read. So we never understood why many businesses, content creators, and educators refused to offer both options.

Was it because of the added costs or the extra time spent? We weren’t sure. But we did know we had to change it!

That’s why today, over a decade later, we offer voice acting and transcription services at affordable rates with rapid (REALLY rapid) turnaround speeds and unmatched results.

And on top of that, we also offer English to Russian or Russian to English transcribers and voiceover services!

Don't forget, our thousands of clients are more than happy with their results

“Only needed a short "caller unavailable" message. I wasn't expecting it to sound so professional! Kudos to their team”
“I wanted a voiceover for a story I had written for my daughter. The acting was AMAZING! My daughter loved it, and the effects & theatrics they used really added to my story!”
“I'd recommend this service to anyone. They were fast, the voiceover was spot on, and the audio was perfect (at least to my ears!)”
“Good prices, fast delivery, and great results. Far exceeds my experiences with freelancers on other websites.”

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